Crest Hill East Waste Water Treament Plant Improvements

Project Description:

This project involves the construction of a new Raw Sewage Pumping Station, Grit Tank & Grit Building with a Grit Removal System, Treatment influent flow metering structure, Oxidation Ditch and 2 Final Clarifiers with Aerobic Digesters, Sludge Storage Tank and Sludge Loading Pump Station. A Screening Building with fine screens, Excess Flow Disinfection Building, Chlorination and Dechlorination Building, new NPW Building will also be constructed as part of this project. Demolition of Existing Facilities and modifications to the existing Control Building is also included.

Project Data:

Owner: City of Crest Hill, Illinois

Engineer: Baxter & Woodman, Inc.

Cost: $19,030,000

Scheduled for Completion in March of 2014

Site Address:

2250 N. Broadway
Crest Hill, Illinois 60403

Map & Driving Directions

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